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Style Tips for Photo Sessions
MARCH 25, 2024
Ever get 'stuck' and start to panic when you think about what to wear for photos? Let me help with that!

There's no denying that your outfits can drastically effect how your photos look. But most every day people like you and I are not professional fashionistas 24/7. (Let's be real, I'm more likely to rock an Adam Sandlar sweatsuit than a fashionable outfit most of the time but there's a time and a place!) Learning what looks good in photos and WHY they look good can make a huge difference in how you think about your outfits for your photo sessions. 
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Some things to consider

Pro tip for my families: Dress the parents first!

Hopefully this information will help ease your outfit anxiety for your next photo session!
Looking to put this to good use with a photo session of your own?

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